Strawberry Festival flower show award winners

This year’s flower show and art competition hosted by Lebanon Garden Club received 224 entries and was held at Santiam Place.

Blue ribbon and rosette flower show winners are as follows:

Rosettes/Top Awards for Each Category
Horticulture Excellence: Charlotte Mueller
Roses: Charlotte Mueller
Perennial: Charlotte Mueller
Biennial: Renato Stanko
Annuals: Dona Townsend
Arboreal: Dora Jones
Lilies: Linda Boyd
Iris: Sharon Swoverland
Sweepstakes (most blue ribbons): Sylvia Wood
Educational Exhibit: Beth Moyer
Design: “Rising Waters” by Renata Stanko
Design: “Snowbound” by Renata Stanko
Design: “Fire Blaze” by Sue Spiker
Design: “Lost in the Jungle” by Linda Boyd
Youth Design: Jack Williams
Youth Dish Garden: Jack Williams

Special Rosettes
Queen’s Choice: Rose; Lynne Neuman
Strawberry Chair Award: Delphinium; Sylvia Wood
Flower Show Chair Award: “Deep in the Woods” by Sarah Brown

Courtney Foster thought Lynne Neuman’s rose was a beautiful color.

Hybrid Tea: Mr. and Mrs. Ron Edwards, Charlotte Mueller
Floribunda: Casey Tessen
Climber: Tanya Wheeler
Polyanthus: Tanya Wheeler
Peace Rose: Sharon Swoverland
Miniature-1 bloom: Sylvia Wood
Miniature 1 spray: Sylvia Wood
English: Charlotte Mueller
Any other worthy rose: Carol McGlauflin

Peonies: Colene Macklin, Mrs. Ronald Edwards, Charlotte Mueller, Dona Townsend
Daisy: Terrie McQuisten, Sylvia Wood
Delphinium: 2 blues – Sylvia Wood
Lupine: Colene Macklin
Viola: Terrie McQuisten
Oriental Poppy: Charlotte Mueller
Iceland Poppy: Sylvia Wood
Dianthus: Sylvia Wood
Orchid Plant: Sylvia Wood
Euphorbia: Karen Stallman

Bearded: Sharon Swoverland
Spuria: Dona Townsend
Siberian: Dona Townsend
Any other: Dona Townsend

Calla: Linda Boyd
Asiatic: Linda Boyd

Snapdragon: Lynne Neuman
Foxglove: Renata Stanko
Pansy: Charlotte Mueller
Nigela: Dona Townsend
Any other Biennial: Terrie McQuistan

Flowering shrubs and trees
Rhododendron: Karen Stallman
Mock Orange: Joli Root
Any other flowering shrub: Dora Jones

Clematis: Linda Boyd
Any other vine: Connie Schmidt

Outdoor container plant: Sharon Swoverland
Herbs: Denese Oster Hames
Dish Garden: Denese Oster Hames
Planted Container: Sharon Swoverland
Flowering Planted Container: Carol McGlauflin

Floral Arrangements
“Cliff Hanging” by Renata Stanko
“Avalance” by Linda Boyd
“Rising Waters” by Renata Stanko
“Lost in the Woods” by Trudie Bason
Miniature Design
“Fire Blaze” by Sue Spiker
“Windwept” by Sue Spiker
Small Design
“Deep in the Jungle” by Linda Boyd
Novice Design
“River Rescue” by Sarah Brown
“Deep in the Woods” by Sarah Brown
Roses: Natalie Tessen
Pansies: Madison Rainey
Dish Garden: Jack Williams
Youth Intermediate Design
“Demolition Derby” by Jack Williams
“Skateboard Toss Up” by Jack Williams
“Lost in the Jungle” by Jack Williams

Keira Noble was happy to learn her two piece painting of a tree won President’s Choice and Strawberry Court’s choice in the art show section of th.e flower show. She also won first place and champion youth award ribbons for her painting of a rooster.