Strawberry Flower Show provides quiet oasis of beauty during festival

When it’s Strawberry Festival season in Lebanon, the town is filled with exciting events in which families gather, play and cheer.

Part of the festival is the annual flower show, which provides a quiet retreat from the commotion.

Visitors stroll leisurely through the room in the IOOF Hall, 20 E. Ash St., admiring colorful blooms and creative displays, and chat with garden enthusiasts.

This year the Lebanon Garden Club’s Standard Flower Show featured 104 horticulture entries for the 108th Lebanon Strawberry Festival, and included quilt and art entries.

While the club presents a standardized show with predetermined ribbons and rosettes, it added three special awards: Committee Chairman’s Choice, Strawberry Festival Committee’s Choice, and Strawberry Queen’s Choice.

Queen Maddie Norris arrived with the Strawberry Court to look at the flowers. Norris’ pick for the Queen’s Choice award went to Dena Williams for her “Coral Sunset” peony.

“I like big, fluffy flowers, and I think it looks happy,” Norris said. “It’s a happy flower.”

Horticulture, design, and special exhibit garden entrants are judged by a select panel of judges. Quilt and art entrants earn rosettes based on a “People’s Choice” vote.

Snipping the choicest picks from one’s garden to enter in a flower show may not seem like something the average person might enjoy, but for those who do, the rewards can be surprising.

Joli Root, district director of the garden clubs, said she didn’t give flower shows much thought at first, but one day she found a large lupine in her garden. Root entered it in a show and won a first place ribbon.

Root said her neighbor entered some roses for her first attempt in a flower show this year, and she ended up winning several ribbons.

“Now she’s excited about next year,” Root said.

Sometimes a flower design can have an interesting story behind it. For an “Under the Stars” design category from this year’s event, Jerry Steckler used a piece of trash to win first place.

The story goes like this: A man accidentally ran over a tomato cage with his tractor. His wife kept the crumpled-up wire, and later loaned it to her friend, Steckler, to use in the flower show. Now a blue ribbon adorns the recycled design.

Strawberry Festival

Flower Show Winners

Quilt, People’s Choice

“The Wedding Gift,” made by Donna Clarke, quilted by Carol McGlauflin

Division I: Horticulture

Section A, Roses

Class 1, Hybrid Tea-white: Julie Miller

Class 2, Floribunda: Linda Boyd

Class 4, Polyanthus: Lynne Neuman

Class 5, Peace Rose: Sharon Swoverland

Class 6, Miniature

     One bloom-white: Sylvia Wood

     One spray-pink: Sylvia Wood

Class 7, English Rose: Linda Boyd, Wendy Nilsen, Charlotte Mueller

Class 8, Any other rose: Carol Rudy (2), Lynne Neuman, Charlotte Mueller (2)

Section B, Perennials

Class 9, Peony

     Pink: Sharon Swoverland

     Red: Wendy Nilsen

     White: Charlotte Mueller

     Variegated: Joli Root

     Coral: Linda Boyd

Class 11, Delphinium

     Blue: Carol McGlauflin

     Lavender: Sylvia Wood

Class 12, Lupine: Sylvia Wood

Class 13, Viola: Charlotte Mueller

Class 14, Sweet William: Sylvia Wood

Class 15, Oriental Poppy: Charlotte Mueller

Class 16, Iceland Poppy: Sylvia Wood

Class 19, Orchid: Sylvia Wood

Class 20, Any other: Joli Wood

Section C, Iris

Class 21, Bearded: Charlotte Mueller

Class 22, Spuria: Betty McGown

Class 23, Dutch: Lynne Neuman

Class 25, Any other Iris: Karen Stallman

Section D, Lily

Class 26, Small: Linda Boyd

Class 27, Asiatic: Linda Boyd

Section E, Biennials

Class 29, Snapdragon: Ailene Eby

Class 30, Foxglove: Renata Stanko

Class 31, Pansy: Charlotte Mueller

Section F, Annual

Class 33, Small: Lynne Neuman

Section G,

Flowering Shrubs and Trees

Class 36, Mock Orange: Joli Root

Class 37, Any other: Karen Stallman

Section H, Vines

Class 38, Clematis: Charlotte Mueller

Section I, Herbs-Annuals or Perennials

Class 40, Container grown plant-Single variety: Charlotte Mueller

Class 41, Cut herb: Karen Stallman

Section K, Succulent/Sedums

Class 44, Planted containers-Large: Linda Boyd

Section L, House Plants

Class 45, Planted containers-Flowering: Sylvia Wood

Division III: Special Exhibits (Youth Horticulture)

Section A, Juniors

Class 4, Dish Gardens: Zane Schlundt

Section B, Intermediate

Class 6, Pansies: Jack Williams

Class 8, Dish Gardens: Jack Williams

Horticulture Awards

Section A, Roses

Rosette awarded to Sharon Swoverland for her Peace Rose

Section B, Perennials

Rosette awarded to Linda Boyd for her Coral Peony

Section C, Iris

Rosette awarded to Charlotte Mueller for her Bearded Iris

Section D, Lilies

Rosette awarded to Linda Boyd for her Asiatic Lily

Section E, Biennials

Rosette awarded to Renata Stanko for her Foxglove

Section F, Annual

Rosette awarded to Lynne Neuman for her Love-in-the-Mist


Rosette awarded to Charlotte Mueller for most horticulture blue ribbons

Strawberry Fair

Queen’s Choice Rosette

Linda Boyd for her Coral Peony