Support Measure 22-202 to Prevent Fire Service Reductions

Dear Editor,

I urge our community to vote YES on Measure 22-202 on the May 21st ballot. As President of the Lebanon Fire District board, I’ve witnessed firsthand the strains on our resources and the growing demands placed on our firefighters. Our non-recognition as a government agency poses a significant challenge, limiting our access to critical funds necessary for sustaining essential services.

If Measure 22-202 does not pass, we will be forced to make difficult decisions that will impact the level and scope of emergency services we can provide. Prolonged budget strain, workforce reductions, delayed responses to low-acuity calls, and service cutbacks are all on the table.

However, there is hope. Measure 22-202 authorizes the allocation of tax revenue to fund six additional firefighters and necessary equipment. This measure is aimed at improving response times, enhancing operational capacity, and broadening non-emergency services, ultimately ensuring a safer community for all residents.

Recent investments by taxpayers in a new fire station represent significant progress, but our commitment to safety must remain a top priority. Voting YES on Measure 22-202 is not merely a vote; it’s a pledge to invest in the safety and well-being of our community, ensuring that Lebanon remains a safe and thriving place for generations to come.

We urge every member of our community to stand with us in support of Measure 22-202. Let us spread the word, rally our friends and neighbors, and make our voices heard on May 21st.


Duane Taylor

President, Lebanon Fire District Board