Suspicious object found near Cheadle Lake Festival area

The Lebanon Police Department was advised of a suspicious object found near the southeast gate leading into the Cheadle Lake Festival area located at 4111 Weirich Dr. at about 2:15 a.m. on July 10, according to an LPD news release.

A black “Moss Out” brand plastic container was located next to the gate leading into the Strawberry Festival site. The words “Stuff that goes boom” was written in marker on the white label area of the Moss Out container.

The responding officers set up a safe perimeter after locating the item. Inside the Moss Out
container was a yellow plastic wrapped cylindrical object, approximately 7 – 8 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, with metal crimps on each end.

The object exterior contained product numbers and the words ‘EXPLOSIVE EXPLOSIVE’ written along the packaging side.

OSP Bomb Squad was notified.

Oregon State Police Arson and Explosives Unit responded to the scene, evaluated and took
possession of the item.

The item was identified as a packaged emulsion explosive, commonly used for underground drifting, quarry and construction blasting applications.

The item did NOT have any wires, caps or detonating type devices attached to it. This case was turned over to OSP for further disposition.

There is currently no evidence pointing that this item was placed maliciously.