Truck stolen from Lebanon Fire District recovered in California

A Ford Ranger pickup stolen in mid-June from Lebanon Fire District Station 31 was recovered over the weekend in Oroville, Calif., LFD announced Wednesday, July 5.

(See www.lebanonlocalnews.com/truck-stolen-from-lebanon-fire-district-over-weekend.)

The plates and decals had been removed, causing damage to the vehicle, LFD said in an announcement about the location of the truck. LFD said  the truck traveled over 2,000 miles. The cost to tow the truck back to Benton County is over $2,000 and based on odometer readings, LFD said. The truck is owned by Benton County Shops, which provides vehicle repair and maintenance for LFD.

“While some tools were not recovered with the truck, we are happy to report that an arrest was made,” the LFD announcement said. “While the vehicle was not located locally, we are grateful for the community members who kept an eye out for the stolen vehicle. We would also like to thank the California Highway Patrol for initiating the traffic stop and recovering the truck.”