Vision support group to discuss macular degeneration

Macular degeneration, a slowly degenerative condition of eyesight, will be an informational topic at the monthly meeting of the Mid Valley Low Vision Support Group at 2 p.m.  Wednesday, Nov. 16, at the Brookdale Grand Prairie, 1929 Grand Prairie St., Albany.
Dr. Darrell Genstler, active ophthalmologist, eye surgeon and owner of the Genstler Eye Clinic in Albany, will speak to the group about the symptoms, treatments, prognosis and current research activities of macular degeneration.
The Mid Valley Low Vision Support group is a  non-profit, self-funded, non-membership organization which is dedicated to the concerns of all low vision and blind individuals, but anyone is welcome to attend.  There are no fees, and  reservations are not necessary.  Please call if transportation is needed.  Light refreshments.
For more information, call (541) 974-6233.