Warrior seniors receive $150,732 in scholarships, most from local donors

Lebanon High School held its annual awards banquet May 20 at LHS,with seniors of the Class of 2019 earning $150,732 in local scholarship money.

“I believe this is the largest amount we have ever awarded here at LHS,” said Wendy Eilers, GEAR UP coordinator for the high school.

That total does not include scholarships they may have received from the college they will be attending, she said.

Scholarships are funded by the Lebanon Schools Foundation, local service groups and churches, and a wide variety of corporate and private donors.

Lebanon High School Scholarship Recipients

Daniels Family Scholarship –  $750 – Matthew Ewing

David & Janet McFetridge – Business –  $1,000  – Zackary Ragan

David & Janet McFetridge Scholarship – Education –  $1,000 – Leticia Barbosa

Dean Cole Memorial Scholarship – $750 – Julian Martinez

Dick Weisbrodt Wrestling Scholarship – $1,000 – Chase Miller

Dorothy Samuelson – $2,000 each  – Isabella Ayala, Allen Benjamin, Joel Carlson, Teagan Maloney, Maddy Romeo, Amy Workman

Edward & Mary Woods Memorial Scholarship – $500  – Zachary Berg

George Henderson Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Nicole Christie

Gillette Family – $1,000 – Raymond Knuth IV

Katie Weinman Memorial Scholarship / Volleyball – $500 – Nicole Christie

Lifetime Vision Source Scholarship—$500 –  Svea Bruslind

Linn Gear Industrial Arts Scholarship – $5,000 – Isaiah Osborne

LUHS Class of 1968 Scholarshipç – $1,000 each – David-Robert Brown, Owen Stellbrink; $750     Maddy Romeo

  Marvin & Kathleen Cline Scholarship – $500 – Curtis Jones

  Reeves Family Memorial Scholarship – $1,500 –  Emma Stiles

  Scholarships Forever – $1,000 – Megan Miller, Alondra Perez-Gonzalez

  Youngdahl Family Scholarship – $1,000 – Hanna Davis

  McDaniel Optimist – $500 each – Isabella Ayala, Allen Benjamin, Zachary Berg, Fredrick Buresh, Matthew Ewing, Noah Jacobsen, Zackary Ragan, Owen Stellbrink, Amy Workman

  McDaniel/Optimist Spirit Scholarship – $500  – Destinee Candello

  McDaniel Strawberry Court Scholarship – $500 each  – Isabella Ayala, Svea Bruslind,  Hanna Davis, Maddy Romeo

  McDaniel LBCC Rick Franklin Scholarship – $500  – Edgar Murillo

  McDaniel LBCC ATTC – $500  – Isaiah Osborne

  Jim & Heather McDaniel/Lebanon Police Department Scholarship – $500 – Leticia Barbosa

Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship – Education – $500 – Alli Ricard

Alta Ballew Scholarship – $4,000 each – Isabella Ayala, David-Robert Brown, Svea Bruslind, Matthew Ewing, Megan Miller, Zack Ragan, Owen Stellbrink, Kenadie Stroup, Amy Workman

ATI – 2019 CTE Scholarship – $1,250 – Jules Carr

Brett Christensen Memorial Scholarship – $500 – Zackary Ragan

Bud & Dorothy Page Hall of Fame Scholarship – $500 – Isabella Ayala

BULB Scholarship –  $1,500 – Leticia Barbosa

Carter’s Fire Sprinkler – $1,000 –  Megan Miller

Christine Smith Scholarship Pearl Rebekah Lodge #47- $1,000 each – Allen Benjamin, Zachary Berg, Nicole Christie, Hunter Hutchins, Maddy Hutchins, Megan Miller, Racheal Rivers

Class of 1946 Scholarship – $5,000 – Megan Miller

Comeback Award – $500 – Logan Hibbert

Doug Lemley Memorial Scholarship – $1,000  – Allen Benjamin, Matthew Ewing

East Linn Masonic Lodge #44 Scholarship – $1,000 – Hunter Hutchins

John and Carol Dinges Medical Scholarship – $1,500 – Madysen Meng

JOYA Scholarship – $500 each – Isabella Ayala, Allen Benjamin, Nicole Christie, Hunter Hutchins, Maddy Hutchins, Curtis Jones, Megan Miller, Kenadie Stroup

Juanita Brown Struble Scholarship – $2,132 – Kelton Bruslind

Junior First Citizen – $250    Joel Carlson, Amy Workman

Kaiser Permanente – $2,000 –  Emma Stiles

Kevin McFadden Trades Scholarships – $1,000 each  – Hunter Hutchins, Isaiah Osborne

Lebanon Education Support Prof Association – $500 each  – Casey Brooks, Owen Stellbrink

Lebanon Education Association – $600 – Carrie Cleveland, Oscar Floro, Joshua Moore, Zackary Ragan

Lebanon Rotary Club Scholarship – $1,000 each – Isabella Ayala, Zachary Berg

Lebanon Odd Fellow Lodge #47 Scholarship – $1,000 – Isabella Ayala

Pop Warner All American Scholar – $1,000 – Eddy Kennedy

Rev. Paul P. Maher O.M.I. St. Edward Scholarship – $1,750 each – Isabella Ayala, Leticia Barbosa, Zachary Berg, Alondra Perez-Gonzalez, Owen Stellbrink; $1,000 ………….. – oz

Rock Hill School Foundation Scholarship – Education – $2,000 – David-Robert Brown, Anne Nichols, Alli Ricard

Santiam Physical Therapy Scholarship – “I Serve” – $500 – Amy Workman

“Anxiously Engaged” – $500 – Allen Benjamin

Uschmann Memorial Scholarship – $2,000 each – Sydney Maire, Megan Miller;  $1,000 each ………….Leticia Barbosa, Rebeca Fallon, Natalia Hartman,  Isaiah Osborne, Maddy Romeo, Amy Workman

Lebanon Schools Foundation Scholarships

Bob Grimes Memorial Scholarship –  Engineering – $1,000 – Matthew Ewing

Bob & Helen Grimes Scholarship –  Medical –  $1,000 – Kenadie Stroup


The Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation recently awarded five scholarships to area students.

The Girod Medical Scholarship for the 2019-20 academic year was awarded to three future physicians:

Austin Kleint of Lebanon, who will begin his second year at COMP-Northwest;

Whitley Faye Nelson, who grew up in the Lebanon/Sweet Home area and will begin her second year at COMP-Northwest;

Lisa Qiu of Lebanon, who is starting her third year at COMP-Northwest.

The Easton Nursing Scholarship went to Stephanie Hitt, a Lebanon High School graduate. She will be a senior next year at Seattle Pacific University studying to earn her bachelor of nursing degree.

Additionally, Madysen Meng of Lebanon, who will graduate from Lebanon High School this month, received the Dinges scholarship for her studies in the LBCC diagnostic imaging program.

Congratulations to all of these students!

The Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation administers the three scholarships on behalf of the families of the late Frank Girod, MD, and Rachel Easton, RN, as well as John and Carol Dinges, who award their scholarship to an east Linn County student in an entry-level health career program at LBCC.

The foundation welcomes all contributions toward these scholarship funds. For more information, call the foundation at 541-451-6303 or visit samhealth.org/LCHF.