Wastewater discharged into Santiam River

The City of Lebanon reported its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), located at 33110 Tennessee Road, experienced an “upset,” causing a discharge of solids into the South Santiam River on Monday, July 10.

Signs have been posted near the overflow site and downstream to warn the public of potential hazards of coming in contact with the water. According to a press release by the city, high levels of bacteria that are typically associated with overflows should diminish quickly. Meanwhile, the city said the public should avoid contact with the Santiam River at the location and immediately downstream until warning signs are removed and the
location is reopened.

The WWTP staff will continue to monitor water quality in the Santiam River and report to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) while working with local partners to address the cause.

For questions or concerns, contact the Public Works Department at 541-258-4918