Waterloo City Council Approves Budget

The June 26 meeting of the Waterloo City Council, and final budget meeting for the year, was presided over by new Interim Mayor Adam Beskow.

With unappropriated funds of $74,674, a budget committee member pressed for an audit of city finances, citing an incident of alleged embezzlement from city funds 20-plus years ago. Mayor Beskow said the city doesn’t have enough income to qualify for a regular audit, but they will look into securing an independent audit in the future. The budget for the 2024-2025 year was approved.

The council is exploring grant options for improvements to City Hall, including bathroom upgrades, a potential sheriff’s office extension and a community center addition to the building to allow for more community activities and programs.

A resident appeared before the council with his contractor and neighboring tenant, seeking a building permit and variance for a freestanding structure that interfered with a wellhead and would potentially encroach on the property next door. The permit and variance were approved, pending written approval from the neighbor-owner.

Former mayor Justin Cary attended the meeting and presented a community newsletter to the council and attendees, suggesting it be passed out around town. The newsletter contained updates about council members, Mayor Beskow’s promotion, fire safety tips and a calendar of community events.

Due to the city recorder being unavailable, there have not been updates to the approval process concerning the potential housing development just outside the city.

One council member pointed out that the map in city hall is very outdated, but people refer to it as a guide in terms of too much being built despite structures having been built already in the general area.

The archaeological survey for City Hall renovations was completed and nothing of interest was found, so the city can begin seeking contractor bids and applying for grants.

The next council meeting was rescheduled to July 12.