Waterloo Councilors Question Street Parking Problem

Waterloo city councilors discussed what might be done about a parked semi truck partially blocking a street during their April 9 meeting.

Councilor Robert Tolen said he’s heard complaints about a semi-truck that is parked on 4th Street. He said it appears it sits partially on the street, effectively allowing only one car to pass by at a time.

Councilor Dennis Scott, at left, shows Mayor Justin Cary where a semi truck can be found blocking part of the street. Photos by Sarah Brown

The council shared ideas while discussing the matter, questioning if it prohibits safe emergency vehicle passage or if the city should disallow vehicles from obstructing so much street space.

Councilor Adam Beskow said it wouldn’t be a good move to prohibit parking on streets because most people in the city do it. Mayor Justin Cary suggested the clerk could ask the owner of the semi to park in a more appropriate location, but if residents continue to have problems with the vehicle, they should contact the city.

In other business:

◆ During a public comment period, Will Tucker asked for help on behalf of a family member who purchased county property on the edge of Waterloo that has its access from Kay Street. Tucker explained the property owner has plans to build a subdivision, but the council denied the plans because they don’t want more traffic going through Kay Street.

While Linn County has allowed the subdivision to be built, they will not finalize it until Waterloo signs on. Tucker mentioned there will be five homes on the property and at least one has already been built.

Cary responded they are working on details to solve the problem regarding legalities and fees to use the street as an access road.

◆ Councilor Chad Wolfe offered to help maintain some city properties with lawn mowing and other needs.

◆ Cary reported an archaeological company has been approved to conduct a survey toward the goal of expanding City Hall. An archaeological survey must be conducted before the city can use grant and ARPA funds for the project. The council approved ASM Affiliates’ bid of  $4,950 for the work. There will be additional charges if there are discoveries.