Dear Editor: Lebanon needs animal service shelter

Dear Editor,

I’d like to bring an issue to everyone that resides in Lebanon. Now that the planning board and mayor are turning Lebanon into a “city,” it’s no longer the small town where we have lived. Neighbor’s don’t know each other any more. Houses, apartments, duplexes and buildings are taking over. Which brings me to my point. Along with all the people and houses come the cherished pets.

Personally, I’ve experienced this issue several times: Someone’s dog escapes from home. They are not always chipped due to finances. The dogs decide to “run” themselves. Other kind, pet-loving people pick them up hoping to see an owner. If you don’t know where the dog belongs, with no owner in sight, call Linn County right? No. Linn County says it’s Lebanon’s jurisdiction, or they are out of room. Safe Haven doesn’t  take strays.

So Call Lebanon police? They are great, but can’t take them. They have no place for them. We have been told twice by police that, sadly, they have no place. So if the person can’t take the animal, the police say all they can suggest is to let them run, maybe they’ll eventually find home.

Now, what about that animal getting hit by a car, scared and/or biting? We have a lot of dog walkers in this town, what about fighting with another animal? If the police can’t find the owner, do we just have wild dogs, like feral cats?!

Cats. We hear cats fighting almost every night. Poor cats entering another cat’s territory and getting scratched, bitten, beaten up, etc. It’s a myth that cats run at night outdoors. We have seen them sitting outdoors in the hot weather or bitter cold. There are all kinds of lovely cat boxes, for inside. Strays run at large, feral cats.

This pet issue is getting progressively worse. Please, if you love animals or are a pet parent, I’m asking for your help, for the City of Lebanon to resolve this problem by developing a shelter here in Lebanon. I know if our little dog, (horrible) got lost we certainly wouldn’t want him to be turned away to run the streets hurt, or worse, stolen! Please: City of Lebanon, with all the building, and businesses you’re building in our town, please help fix this problem!

Thank-you for reading,
Laura Kimmel