Man found not guilty in stabbing case

By Skyler Chappell
Of The New Era/Lebanon Local

A Sweet Home man was found not guilty for attempted murder after an altercation that occurred at a Lebanon trailer park on March 22, 2023.
Arrested that evening, Derrek Leo Reynolds, 55, was charged with felony counts of second degree attempted murder and first degree assault resulting after an altercation with Brian Clay Thompson, 64.
According to court documents, Reynolds told authorities he was defending himself after Thompson let himself into a residence in the 400 block of Gilbert Street. After reportedly confronting Thompson, a physical altercation began. Reynolds then pulled out a 3½-inch blade from his pocket and stabbed Thompson in the chest, causing a life-threatening wound to his left pec.
Thompson, seeing blood gushing from his chest, fled the scene to call 911 for help, according to court documents. Thompson claimed his lung and artery were punctured from the incident.
Reynolds’ attorney made motions for dismissal for prosecutorial wrongdoing, but no records were found to indicate the court accepted or denied those motions. Judge Rachel Kittson-MaQatish acquitted Reynolds on both charges after a jury found him not guilty. Court documents show Reynolds pleaded not guilty to the charges and claimed self defense of person, property and premises. In a related case, Reynolds is facing two charges of conspiracy to commit tampering with a witness and conspiracy to commit tampering with physical evidence.