Reader likes what she sees in paper

Just wanted to commend and thank you for the Lebanon Local paper. The latest issue had more interesting, pertinent news in your one issue than an entire month of the ADH.
Thank you for the obituary of the Lebanon Express. Sadly, that paper was abandoned by its publishers long ago. No wonder subscriptions dropped off to nearly nothing.
Really enjoyed the article about Cedric Hayden. He sounds like a true public servant and I am glad to have him represent my district.
Thanks for the tip on the Poynter Institute’s Truth O Meter. I’ll check it out.
Too bad you had to go to press before the end of East Linn Academy’s basketball game at Gold Beach. They ended up winning the game in the last 13 seconds with a free throw! Talk about bedlam!!! (No pressure, of course, on Elliott, who made that free throw!) They will be in Pendleton this next weekend for the playoffs! Woo Hoo!!
Just wanted you know I look forward to each issue and only wish it were published more often.
Coral Carroll