Warriors graduate one at a time over three days of ceremonies

By Sarah Brown
Lebanon Local

Lebanon High School graduated 292 students in a three-day ceremony Tuesday, June 16, to Thursday, June 18, at the high school auditorium.
To keep with safe guidelines in regards to COVID-19, only a limited amount of people were allowed in the building at a time.
Two students were scheduled every five minutes, and each student was allowed a maximum of 10 friends and family to join them.
The ceremony began with graduates signing “the rock” in front of the Bud Page Activity Center. It’s a tradition that was re-instated just this year, said Hailey Johnson, class president.
Every graduate was presented with a cord as a gesture of honor for graduating during this unconventional season, then they waited outside until they could enter the building.
Diplomas were handed to each student before they proceeded to the hallway, where they again waited a couple of minutes.
As the processional music began in the auditorium, the doors were opened and the graduate walked to the stage, with their family and friends posted in front of the stage. A short message of congratulations was presented by a valedictorian, and the graduate posed for photos before turning their tassel to the left side of their cap.
The group then exited into the cafeteria and out the front doors of the building. Outside, a string of staff and teachers clapped and whoo-hoo’d each student, and parents snapped photos of their grad in front of the LHS sign.
It all took about 10 minutes.

One attendee shook her head, saying, “That was the saddest graduation I’ve ever been to.” Another walked out declaring it was “nice,” indicating relief he didn’t have to sit through a two-hour ceremony.
Jasmine Decker received a roaring send-off when 13 motorcycles rumbled through the parking lot.
“My dad’s a Road Maggot, so they’re a second family to me. They wanted to congratulate me since they couldn’t be there,” Decker explained.
“She’s always coming, helping out with all of our fundraisers, and been a big help to us, so we wanted to show support for her,” said her dad, Justin Decker.
Finishing the school year due to the COVID pandemic was smooth for some, but tough for others.
Edgar Ibarra said with all the sicknesses and protests and other uproars going around, it was a bad way to the end the year.
Dina Altuhovs believes the school made a good decision to move online right away, she said.
“I feel like we were able to at least be in the comfort of our homes during a pandemic, versus getting other people sick,” Altuhovs said.
But COVID didn’t hinder the flow of scholarship aid to the graduates.
“Seniors received $111,051.73 in local scholarships this year,” said Wendy Eilers, secretary of LHS college and career center. “We are very thankful for our community that gives so much to our seniors.”
Valedictorians for the Class of 2020 were Dina Altuhovs, Taylor Bilyeu, Jason Bowser, KC Long, Courtenay Miller, Rebecca Munk, Abigail Reynders, Victoria Shelton, Sukhvir Sranna, Eric Weber and Sarah Wienold.
Salutatorians were Emily Cole and Austin Parrish.
Since COVID cinched off the final two months of classes, administration, teachers and students had to figure out how to complete requirements so the class could graduate.
Tim Helland, computer technology and robotics teacher, said they managed it “one day at a time.”
“Obviously, there were challenges,” Helland said. “I won’t lie; the first week we came back was rough. It was a hard week just because of having to basically re-tool every solution that you have put years working in the classroom (that) doesn’t work anymore. It was just a big amount of transition, like re-thinking your paradigm about instruction.”
Science teacher Joan Swafford said there was a lot of great collaboration between the teachers and administration that made the transition workable.
“It was difficult and tricky, but we got through it because the teachers really worked together, and the administration was very supportive and helpful,” Swafford said.

In order to honor the graduating class, the community initiated a number of ways to show their pride in the students.
Eilers orchestrated a local version of the national “Be the Light” movement at Heath Stadium.
Every Friday, from April 10 and ending Tuesday, June 9 (the original graduation day), the stadium lights went on at 20:20 for 20 minutes and 20 seconds to honor the LHS graduating class of 2020.
“We played music, and cars honked their horns as they drove by to support the seniors,” she said.
In addition to that, Eilers saw that other communities were organizing “adopt a senior” opportunities, so she started a Facebook page to organize a similar event for the LHS class.
Graduating seniors and their family were invited to post on the page, and the community was able to choose a grad to “spoil.”
“I thought that was really cool,” said Christian McCardy, who was adopted by Leah Weathers. “A lot of people were real nice and would adopt multiple seniors. They would go out of their way to get them stuff and make it better for them.”
And finally, since social distancing rules still hamper the annual grad night, Eilers said she and other parents of 2020 graduates will host an online giveaway of prizes.
While there is a mix of response to how the school year ended, the three-day graduation ceremony went pretty smooth, and students were happy to have a chance to walk.
“It kind of sucks, but I’m glad they figured something out, that we can all walk and have our families here and enjoy it,” McCardy said.
When quarantine was put into effect, the Gillott Home Team, Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette, began reflecting on its effect and how they could offer assistance, said Mindy VanTil, director of marketing.
“We knew that grads were heading into a tough time, having their graduation ceremony altered and several senior traditions like prom and senior night being canceled completely,” she said.
So the company purchased yard signs, and organized a sort of “parade” to deliver them to each graduating senior.
“We wanted to be able to recognize their achievement in a public way and, hopefully, let them know that they have a community celebrating with them, in spite of the lack of social celebrations,” VanTil said.

Congratulations, LHS Class of 2020

Dylan A. Adams-Gonzales
Nevaeh Faith Agee
Soraya Renae Allen
Dina Andreyevna Altuhovs
Jasmin Alvarez Ramirez
Chase Arthur Ray Andersen
Gatlyn Cody Anderson
Hayley Ann Armstrong
Cassandra Aide Arriaga
Hazel Ayala
Viktoriya Bagmut
Jason Bradley Baldwin
SaVanna Danae Banister
Nathan Ray Barnes
Melodie Paige Barnett
Brock James Barrett
Shaun Elizabeth Grace Bass
Devan Jacob Beaty
Cameron Wade Beck
José Gabriel Benitez
Malaki Madrox Benn
Derek Logan Best
Makayla Grace Christine Best
Taylor Marie Bilyeu
Zachary Dakota Birchem
Emily G. R. Blackburn
Ivy Florence Bosley
Cheyenne Shawn Bowman
Garrett Alan Bowman
Jason Dee Bowser
Mickala Storm Boyer
Thomas Lee Branson
Makenna Morgan Marie Breese
Kaleia-Ty J. Browning
Kara Diane Rae Budd
Riley James Busby
Micheal Robert James Bustillos
Clara Isabell Byram
XuMei Lein Cabatic
José Francisco Cabuto
Elijah John Campbell
Joshua James Cartwright
Maddelynn A-C Carver
Katelin Ashley Case
Chad Tan Castillo
Damian Cervantes-Andrade
Emma Lynn Chandler
Skyler Joseph Chapman
Drew Michael Charley
Jasmine Marie Cilley
Devon Lee Clement
Hailey Ann Clevenger
Emilee Elizabeth Cole
Jared Wayne Colvin
Hailee Mae Combs
Ethan Mycah Conner
Jordan Lee Cooper
McKenzie Ann Crenshaw
Elizabeth Maryland Croco
Alyssa Noelani Culbertson
John Raymond Cullen
Madison Paige Curry
Sebastian Wayne Dalziel
Christopher Damion Davis
Emily Teresa Davis
Makenna Nicole Davis
Mason Ray Davis
Logan Davis-Tucker
Jasmine Rose Decker
Draven Daniel Dennis
Michelle Rae Deveney
Jude Michael Dominy
Dalaine Allan Dotson
Manuel Anthony Doyle
Tucker Cole Drummond
Roxanna Marie DuBois-Biggs
Aaron Richard Dugan
Taylor Kathleen Edwards
Lily Shae Eilers
Madelyn Olivia Eilers
Hope Renay Elliott
Zhakshylyk Emil Kyzy
Alysha Serenity Enhaynes
X’Rion Kilborne Eppard
Hannah Marie Evans
Nichols Cutting Fandiño
Rebekah Ilene Fassler
Derrick Lee Fast
Trinity Corrine Fenner
Kiera Joy Fitzpatrick
Thaddeus Paul Mendiola Flores
Bailee Nicole Foord
Austin James Frasure
Jack Henry Freitag
Nevaeh Kye Garner
Nathan Daniel Peter Gaston
McKenna E. Geoghegan
Reonna Tailyn Gibson
Joseph Oliver Good
Lauren Marie Graber
Beth Liv Graves
Jordan Lashaun Green
Jadyn Alta-Katherine Grenz
Chloe Alexandria Grimes
Colby Stephen Grissom II
Estefania Gutierrez-Villanueva
Kyle Dwight Haley
Theron Ronald Harter
Allyssa Brandy Hartley-Davis
Danyelle Nicole Hartman
Akaiden Kale Haugen
Jonathon Brandon Haynes
Jude Michael Heimbuch
Shane Michael Herring
Nathan Michael Hiller
Auburn Cedar Hills
Jonathon Merle Holcomb
Courtney Ann Holley
Janie Jo Holt
Miranda Lee Howard
Kaya Elizabeth Rose Humble
Edgar Ibarra
Natasha Lynn Izatt
Keeton Andrew Jackola
Makenzie May Jasmer
Trenton Jaymes Jenson
Trinity Renee Jenson
Anya Violet Johnson
Cloey Renae Johnson
Hailey Hokulani Johnson
Tavania Louisa Johnson
Jeremiah Lee Jones
Chase Hunter Kanoho
Riley Jakob Kelough
Aiden M. P. Kimber
Matthew S. B. Kinkade
Kailee Brook Kirby
Landon Thomas Kisling
Caleb Matthew Klapprott
Kaylea Maree Kleinschmit
Christopher James Kluttz
Alexis Marie Knight
Colton James Lacy
Kenneth Cole Long
Samuel Evan Long
Jasmine Breeze Lowe
Emma Kate Maddox
Ashlynn Colleen Magee
Anisten Katherine Mandelkow
Isabeau Reed Mandelkow
Minta Shirlene Martin
Ryan Christopher McCammon
Christian Kole McCardy
Haden Nekole McConnell
Adia Rose McElroy
Bayley Rose Brianna McEuen
Ellie May McMasters
Cory Gene McQueen
Tyler James McVicker
Lexi A. Meadowbrook
Mathew Jacob Meckley
Alexander Williams Medina
Jack Stewart Meiner
Blaine Joshua Mercier
Courtenay Lynn Miller
Madison Mickaylee Moe
Jedidiah Andrew Morelos
Justus Aaron Morelos
Samantha Renee Morris
Riley Elizabeth Moyer
Rebecca Kathleen Munk
Emilee Kay Murphy
Sean Tyler Muses
Johnathan Lee Mustoe
Jonathan Andrew Nissen
Miranda Ashley Oeder
Tristin Michael Oleman
Elisabeth Lola Rae Olson
Ole Ethan Olson
Anali Evelia Ortiz
Breann Grace Olivia Orton
Jean Paris
Job Keenan Parker
Christopher Jefferson Parris
Austin Lee Parrish
Rudra Rajendra Patel
Rhylee Heather Patterson
Alejandro Daniel Pelayo
Sawyer Shane Perdue
Kadin Dace Plane
DoRyan Jerico Price
Matthew Steven Ramirez
Alfredo Rangel
Damien Daniel Scott Rash
Logan Mathurin Rash
Abraham Frank Real Garcia
Cole Wesley Reed
Taylor Cheyenne Reid
Abigail Elizabeth Reynders
Nickolas James Rice
Toby N. Richardson-Byrd
Kendalyn Jane Riemer
Madison Loreen Riley
Tristen Samuel Rivera
Endya Grace Robinson
Keanna Raquel Robles
Moriah Lee Rodriguez
Noah Alexander Rogers
Lerae Nicholle Ruck
Rebecca Noelle Ruisbroek
Denzel Ruiz Mendoza
Taylor Kayleen Rushing
Joel Lewis Ryan
Violet Michelle Sallee
Bryson Ryder Lee Sanchez
Mason Scott Schneider
Maggie Michelle Schrader
Jenna Yong Schulte
Cassandra Lynn Schurr
Blake Alan Axle Schwab
Zantric Kaleb ASA Schwab
James Lawrence Seavy
Keyonna Marie Elaine Seiber
Keeanna Jer-Rae Selby
Hannah Michelle Sexton
Victoria Lynn Shelton
Ariana Thane Short
Katerina Rachelle Slingluff
James Gordon Smith
Michael Edward Smith
Nathan Alexander Smith
Alexander James Solberg
Parker Elisabeth Solberg
Ryan Edward Sparks
Garren Richard Spaziani
John Chase Sperrazza
Danielle Bee Spray
Sukhvir Singh Sranna
Kaelen Taeler Stansbury
Shahala Lynn Stockwell
Tyler Lynn Strausz
Mykaelin Dawn Strickland
Joshua Hadley Strutton
Hunter Allen Swanson
Benjamin Nathan Tabor
Brooklynn Cheyanne Taylor
James Leroy Thayer
Jacob Donovan Theis
Caleb Robert Thompson
Ty Vincent Thompson
Cassandra Ann Tirrell
Dane Allen Torgerson
Angela Martin Turner
Kate Olivia Underwood
Nayeli Anahy Urbina-Pineda
Phoebe Joy Usinger
Charles Aaron Varela
Ashley Jean Varner
Samantha Irene Vento
Abby Villalobos-Vargas
Sofia Fina Vizcarra
Tanner Jon Vogt
Pacey Arthur Vorderstrasse
Joshua Luke Walker
Abby Rose Wallace
Isaac Lloyd Walnum
Jade Skye Warner
Sean Ethan Ray Weaver
Eric Lee Weber
Samuel Turner Westerham
McKayla Violet Wharton
Jacob Wade Wheeler
Makaila Kristine Rose Wheeler
Lilian Elizabeth Whited
Mary-Kate Elizabeth Whitlatch
Peyton Alec Whitney
Sarah Carrien Wienold
Rizzelle Grace Wieser
Alexander Dean Williams
Helen Mahealani Williams
Noah Franklin Williams
Wyatt Michael Wilson
Tristan James Albert Winkler
Emily Elise Witherspoon
Jayde Emili Wolfenbarger
Kenneth Ming Wong
Siyeh Liberty Wong
Thomas Wing Wong
Mary Workman
Makyla Nicole Worsham
Leeza Anya Yanik
Lauryn Nicole Yarbourgh